We could spend all day gushing over Pinterest + Instagram photographs, but when it comes to your home, you want the best interior design + there’s so much more to it… than a million new flashy things.

We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite tips for bringing joy into your space… the happy-dance, completely addicted, is-this-real-life kind. As a Guides4Homeowners Seattle + Bellevue interior designer crazy about decorating + organizing the interior of your home, we’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite tips for bringing joy into your space… the happy-dance, completely addicted, is-this-real-life kind.


Color has a huge effect in how you feel about your environment, as well as how you feel IN your area, according to scientific studies. Take some time to figure out which colors keep you crushing for a long time if you want a home that provides you delight.

Consider for a second how the best interior designers, in my opinion, encourage color in what ways.

The majority of our clients think of adding color in one obvious way: by painting walls. Yes, you may bring both delicate and strong color tones into your home by painting the walls. Throw pillows, blankets, and rugs with flashes of color against a neutral backdrop of whites and grays are equally as effective.

Remember, it’s not only about pleasing your eyes. What color(s) elicit enthusiasm in you as well as a heartfelt sense of complete fulfillment and bliss? Finding the right man (I’m winking at you, John!) is a good example.


You can’t go into your happy zone if you’re stumbling over your toes on the coffee table every evening *yikes!* or if you have an odd spot in your living room that never seems right no matter what you do with it.

Once you’ve figured out how you’re engaging (or battling) with your surroundings, you may get creative with the answer! It’s important to remember that while space designing the interior of your home is about how you live in a space, it’s also about how it makes you feel.

You bought that enormous sofa for your fairly tiny living room with the intention of creating a pleasant setting for friends and family to socialize, but it now feels uncomfortable and uninviting because it takes up too much of the living space.

When it comes to little annoyances, it’s simple to dismiss them. Isn’t it true that they aren’t the end of the world? Happiness, on the other hand, is a “inner work.”

Not sure where to start when it comes to space planning and furniture placement? I know one of the top interior designers around *wink*.


Texture plays a huge role in setting the tone and creating a mind-blowing environment! You can texture your environment once you’ve decided how you want it to feel. it’s. up

Do you want to live in a home that gives you the warm fuzzies? Soft fibers such as wool, cashmere, shag, and knit can be used to great effect. Using throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs to layer these textures is a subtle way to liven up your space.

Do you want to go on a calm, feel-good vacation away from home? Items composed of natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, raffia, or jute, should be included. Natural elements can be incorporated into modest furnishings such as side tables and chairs, as well as home accessories and decor, to create a subtle professional interior design punch.


As home organizers, we understand the euphoria that comes with having a well-organized home… Feelings of lightness, tranquility, and infinite freedom aren’t the only ones! Yes, it’s feasible, boo.

However, we also understand how easy it is to procrastinate when it comes to maintaining a clutter-free house or getting started organizing. Take it from us: when it’s all said and done, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner on this beautiful, green Earth! (Yes, we’ve heard this one a million times.)

So, if you have any locations that might use some love, give them everything you’ve got or join us for a pow-wow. It’s all about your happiness and your home. 😉


Lighting has the power to attract, entice, or… send you to sleep! That’s why finding lighting of all types (chandeliers, pendants, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, task lighting, overhead lighting… you get the idea) with the right undertones for your home + its function is so crucial.

Examine your space’s illumination to understand how it affects your daily activities. Do you find yourself wishing you could read in the evenings but straining and hurting your eyes because there isn’t enough light? Is it too light or too dark to watch a movie in the evening, robbing you of all enjoyment from your favorite rom-com?

A word about interior design… Changing a bulb or two can put an end to the snooze-fest and have you instead throwing confetti or taking a pleasure break. It’s entirely up to you. 😉


There’s no doubt about that. When it comes to constructing a home that provides you delight and seems like the ultimate guilty pleasure, the “less is more” adage applies. Even if your home is well-organized, a cluttered environment with excessive decor and accessories does not make for a happy soul.

Is there anything in your house that you and your family could live without? (Even if they were given as presents!) If that’s the case, look for a new & happier home for those items.

You’ll enjoy the vast independence and the delight of donating what you and your family no longer need to others. That’s what I’d call a win-win situation!


There are no surprises here: substituting technological time with family time is soul food. Creating a designated tech-free zone is the simplest method to unplug from our devices these days (because, let’s be honest, it’s difficult).

It wasn’t until I was sitting in our living room with John, and we were both browsing on our phones instead of snuggling close and enjoying each other’s company, that I realized what had happened.

If you’re a person, raise your hand… No remorse! 🙂

As an interior designer, I’m always thinking about how we can design + decorate houses to encourage dialogue, foster a loving and caring environment, and make people feel at ease.

Fill your tech-free zone with activities that you and your family like. Perhaps it’s with books, games, creative activities, and, most importantly, furniture that you and your family can sink into with ooey-gooey delight, but this time, make sure to snuggle in close!


When we live in our houses, we employ all of our senses, so why not give one of the most powerful ones – fragrance — some thought?

Take a trip to your favorite candle or home smells store and discover some scents that make your nose and spirit tingle with delight! This is one of my favorite methods to make loved ones feel welcome while creating a project with home decor.

You’re one step closer to that dreamy, head-in-the-clouds designer space if you add your favorite aroma to your home.


Plants are another underappreciated way to bring joy into your home. Healing, vibrancy, and joy for the soul = a little life + a dash of brilliant green. It’s a proven fact.

There’s still hope for you, my friend, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Sherri, I curse every plant I touch!” Faux plants are just as effective as real ones, and I’ve seen some that are so well-made that you’ll look twice.