Do You Want to Dress Like a TikTok Soft Boy These are the 9 fashion staples you’ll need in your wardrobe?

The soft boy look is arguably the most popular TikTok style in men’s fashion, right after the eboy look. The soft boy aesthetic, unlike its darker, more colorful, and gothic counterpart is about rejecting gender norms in both style and character. Who is toxic masculinity? We don’t even know her. These men aren’t afraid to express their feminine side.

Examples of soft-boy celebrity examples include Timothee Chalamet and Harry Styles. You can recreate their look by following these steps. These are the nine accessories and clothing pieces you will need to create the perfect soft boy outfit.

How to put together a soft boy outfit

Vintage Crew-Neck Sweatshirts/Sweaters

To maintain this TikTok style, vintage crew-neck sweatshirts, as well as sweaters, are a must-have. This is a staple piece of clothing for Affordable Soft Boy Clothing and can be found in many outfits featuring angel prints or sportswear brands like Nike or Adidas. Soft boys prefer a more fitted look, so a larger sweatshirt will be better for them.

You can make your sweatshirt look cleaner and more polished by pairing it with regular-fit black denim jeans. Instead, you can tap into the softness of the boy style by pairing some good-looking dad jeans.

Baggy Striped Tees

Loose striped T-shirts with collars are another popular option when it comes to choosing tops for soft boy outfits. A T-shirt with shorter sleeves is a great option to keep cool. To make your boy look even cuter, you can opt for a long-sleeved option. To make your sweater paws adorable, ensure that your sleeves extend past your wrist.

Polo Shirts

You might want to add a more preppy, neat style to your soft-boy outfit. A streamlined Polo shirt may be more appropriate for you. To achieve a relaxed and clean look, you could wear the multicolored striped polo by itself, or tucked into a pair of chinos.

This casual look is appropriate for the occasion of meeting your girlfriend’s parents at dinner. It doesn’t seem too formal or stiff. To keep the look casual and comfortable, you can wear a cardigan.

Loose Denim Jean

To complete your soft-boy outfits, light-wash denim jeans are the best choice. For a simple but striking look, cuff the hem and pair them with white socks. It’s so easy to let your clothes hang loosely from your frame. You don’t want it to be too loose or you might look sloppy.

Pleated Trousers

Pleated formal trousers can be a more dressy option to your baggy jeans. These pants instantly dress up casual sweatshirts and prevent them from looking too casual. To get that retro feel most boys love, look for one with a corduroy texture. This is a great way to express your opinion that you aren’t mainstream without saying it.

Corduroy may be too thick to wear in the heat of Malaysia. Try chequered or plaid prints to add some flair. A pair of plain neutral trousers are a great option for versatility. To fully embody the soft boy look in your outfit, make sure to use the same styling cuffed ankle method for these pants.

Baggy overalls

Baggy overalls look like a soft-girl ensemble. These are both simple pieces that can be worn every day, even when you’re not sure what to wear. You just need a striped T-shirt that matches your overalls and you’re done. You can finish the look by adding your favorite pair of sneakers to it (more suggestions below).


You have a few options when it comes to selecting an outerwear piece that will go with your soft-boy outfit. These include vintage windbreakers or denim jackets. cardigans. Each piece has a unique quality that allows them to display different styles, while still staying true to the TikTok subculture. Denim jackets and windbreakers can be bulkier which can help add structure to your outfit. Cardigans, on the other hand, are more flexible and shapeless, giving you a soft look. You can choose what suits you best.


Converse and Dr. Vans Old Skool, Converse, and Dr. Martens are all great options for soft-boy outfits. Other options for footwear include the Fila Disruptors or the Nike Air Force Ones. You don’t have to look polished by buying a new pair of shoes. It is better to keep your shoes as worn-in and as rough as possible. The imperfections are what add personality to your overall look!


Although soft boy outfits can be quite simple, basic accessories can make them stand out. A pair of round, wire-rimmed glasses will show off your academic nature. You can also experiment with delicate jewelry such as gold rings or coin pendants. You can also wear your hat choice, such as baseball caps or rolled-up beanies and bucket Hats to finish the look.

These soft boy outfits will help you express your inner emotions in your next TikTok video

This guide should have helped you to understand the soft-boy aesthetic. If you are still unsure how to style your soft-boy outfits, keep them vintage-inspired and oversized. These two elements are key to nailing the #ootds look. For a more edgy look, if the soft boy is not your style, you can check out our article on how do you dress like an eboy.