“Can you smoke suboxone?” is one of those questions I hate to hear asked. I always shake my head, “No.” However, I do know why people who have inhaled too many of the narcotic painkillers to qualify for treatment will ask that question.

They are already addicted to marijuana, which means that smoking pot is a “rebound effect” of narcotic addiction. That’s not meant to be an insult. It is a reality. But the fact remains that suboxone users are asking, can you smoke pot and still be on the addiction treatment program?

There is no easy answer to that question. The withdrawal symptoms of quitting heroin and other opiate addictions are just as severe as those experienced by heroin users who smoke marijuana. I don’t know of any non-opiate drug that has as intense an impact on the body as does opiate withdrawal. Smoking pot and being dependent on it, however, can mitigate the withdrawal effects to a certain degree. It depends on the user, really.

Can you smoke suboxone and enjoy the euphoric effects? Well, in theory, the answer is yes. There are formulations on the market that enable you to take “underground” opioid agonists and thereby minimize the euphoric effects. These drugs, naloxone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine, can be taken up to 2 weeks before scheduled detoxification. Most physicians want to start the therapy during the last week of detoxification.

Can you smoke suboxone with the goal of quitting? That is, can you stop taking naloxone and still have the desired opioids? Unfortunately, when you stop taking naloxone, the receptors in your brain no longer recognize them as the opioid receptor ligands they once were, thus rendering them inactive.

What this means is that your receptors will not produce the neurotransmitters that were present and which give rise to the euphoric effects. Consequently, you can’t cease using suboxone and obtain the endorphins, nor can you obtain tranquility, comfort, or calmness.

Can you vaporize suboxone? Vaporizing heroin is, of course, impossible, since it is very difficult to breathe in a cloud of heroin smoke. But you can certainly smoke suboxone under the supervision of a doctor. What you can do, is ingest a suboxone film, which is essentially a mucus like substance that is used to protect the respiratory system from the extreme toxins in the smoke from Suboxone.

Can you consume naloxone film for a long time? To answer this question, let us say that you are an abuser of Suboxone and decided to quit. You can go ahead and consume a naloxone film every day for several months. Even though the effect of naloxone on your body may be minimized, it won’t take long before you notice a major difference in your health.

So can you use naloxone to stop smoking suboxone? The short answer to this is, most likely not. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist and it is not particularly efficient at blocking the effects of opioids in the system. In fact, quite the opposite. It has been considered in the past to have potentially fatal complications in patients who took it for prolonged periods of time.

Is it legal to smoke weed with naloxone? Yes, it is. Although, like most things with regards to drug usage, it is highly debated. Most people find it hard to imagine smoking pot while being monitored by the government. Nevertheless, it is legal and it works. Just because it is illegal to smoke weed does not mean that it is illegal to use naloxone to help you kick the habit.

Do side effects occur with using smoke suboxone film? Again, the short answer to this is, not really. Naloxone has only been tested on opioids and it is unknown if it will have the same effect on the effects of smoking Suboxone. However, if you are already being prescribed Suboxone for your chronic cough and you are a heavy smoker, then it may be worth it for you to consult with your doctor about trying this out.

Can you smoke pot and still get a good night’s sleep? Yes, you can. If you suffer from sleep apnea or any other condition that causes breathing problems while asleep, then Suboxone may be for you. As a side note, one of the medical professionals that are usually very cautious when it comes to people that are on Suboxone is their own dentist. Because of the effects of Suboxone on the gastrointestinal system, they do not want people smoking pot and taking it that way. However, since the two share some basic symptoms, it may work on them as well.