Elite and Also Higher Level commanders at Rise of Kingdoms.

These can soon be quite typical in the beginning, and can more than probably be those which you’ll unlock first. But more than a few of them may be very good in the ideal problems check here for more. No matter you might desire to displace them better commanders the moment you have the opportunity.

Gaius Marius
A fundamental collecting hero, with a lot of fans to maximize his efficiency in collecting tools from habitats on the planet map.

Savior of all Italy: Bargains slight harm to the enemy whilst curing wounded troops. Significantly reduces the enemy’s speed.Creator of Empire: escalates the speed at which components gather food, wood, and rock.

Conqueror of Numidia: improves the speed of siege units, while also increasing the proportion of wounded-to-casualties, leading to fewer components murdered in conflict.

Recommended for: Gaius can be really actually just a normal amassing commander and may be treated as a result. Do not make an effort to carry him to combat because he’ll neglect you unless he is mesmerized by a more powerful personality… But would you intend to do so, anyway?

Tomoe Gozen
An extremely good pick for the secondary commander since she could boost the capacity harm of the whole team when assigned for the function. She also can raise the frequency of one’s busy skills thanks to her increased anger creation.

Beauty at Chaos: Generates more anger when assaulting the enemy, even while also fostering skill damage when delegated as another commander.

Recommended for: Tomoe is an incredibly powerful pick for a second commander. Not only isn’t an excellent supporting character, but she goes nicely with commanders who rely upon their busy skills owing to her increased anger creation.

This Elite commander joins a fantastic shield with a remarkably powerful nuke. He is absolutely nothing to scoff at in the beginning.

Forbidden Love: includes a small chance of shooting harm to decrease all damage taken over the next twist.
Battle of Sorrow: significantly increases march rate and harm whenever soldiers are categorized as 50%.
Recommended for: Lancelot is unbelievably successful for a commander within this category. He uttered the inherent advantages of cavalry units during his abilities that are passive, while also dishing out appreciable damage together along with his busy nuke.

That really is just another collecting commander that is actually among the very best within this category. She is one of the most favorite commanders that players utilize all of their collecting requirements.

Enchantment: Bargains moderate harm to the enemy when diminishing their stride speed significantly for a brief span.

  • The’ Maidens’ War: somewhat increases the collecting rate for each resource.
  • Lost Trap: Passively promotes troop loading.
  • Short-Lived Heroine: Increases troop capability at the Expense of these assaults.
  • Recommended for: certainly, Sárka is amongst the greatest gatherers from the game, also she needs to just be useful for this objective. She matches well with Joan of Arc with this particular undertaking.

In case Sárka was proficient at collecting, Constance is much better, especially if collecting wood. Her passive skills give her incentive tools upon the coming town, which considerably raises return per trip, particularly in the future whenever you have big chunks.

Struggling Poison: Prices minor harm to the enemy and then also puts that a DoT for 3 minutes. This boost is raised further when collecting timber.

Recommended for: Meeting, undoubtedly. Equipped with Joan of Arc, this team is going to become your go-to for collecting trips. Seriously you may not require other things once you unlock both.

City Keeper
As a high-level unit, City Keeper does quite a good job of maintaining your city safe. He’s lots of skills to boost health, attack, and defense, especially of infantry troops.

Rapidity: significantly raises hand-eye’s defense.
Recommended for: since you can observe from his skills, the majority of the bonuses this commander provides are”little,” meaning you should replace him just as possible.

Like many advanced level commanders, the incentives this unit provides are vestigial, in the top. But if you have no someone else, then Centurion is way better fitted to collecting trips as a result of his passive abilities.


  • Bloody Battle: Prices moderate direct harm to one goal.
  • Army Management: accelerates both collecting rate and troop loading.
  • Recommended for: so far as this kind of personality moves, you’re able to certainly do much worse compared to Centurion. His damage is more meager, however, his collecting passives are adequate. Carry him in your own collecting trips. Or even better, simply use Joan or even Constance!

Dragon Lancer
This really is also, perhaps, certainly one of the most useful offensive commanders within this type of world PvP, especially because his skills prefer cavalry troops, and it is a favorite option with this particular activity.

Deterrent: causes direct harm to the enemy and also puts that a DoT for two minutes.
Recommended forHe is adequate for combat utilizing cavalry troops. You would certainly be better off with him to get hunting barbarians in the place of different players, even though.

This can be the type that you receive at no cost from the tutorial. Therefore, you are going to discover that she is nothing special. But she’s got among the most powerful nukes from the rest of the personalities within such a particular type.

Accuracy: Enhances the assault of archers.
Agility: Enhances the protection of archers.

Recommended for aptly-named Markswoman is excellent for hunting barbarians, especially when controlling an army of archers.