GTA 5 is a great game. It’s even better when you have other players to play with. The main reason people choose this open-world game is because of mods and the ability to play GTA online with their friends. Problem is when your ID is blocked for mods while playing GTA Online. So how can you solve this problem?

It’s simple. Rockstar does not allow mods on its online platform. You can make ‘friends’ through mods in story mode using bodyguard mods. Let’s look at the top 10 bodyguard mods in GTA 5.

It’s not a mod but it does come with Scripthook – a program that installs mods. OpenIV provides a basic set of mods that will get you started with modding GTA 5. It also includes spawning characters, which will be your bodyguards wherever you go. These bodyguards don’t provide any protection and are only for entertainment.

You can order bodyguard mods from a dedicated menu. Your bodyguards can do all the work, but you won’t get a desired level.

If you choose pedestrians or other regular characters to be your bodyguards, don’t expect them to have high health bars.

The Bodyguard Squads Mod Menu 1.0 allows you to create a squad of bodyguards. This mod lets you have up to eight bodyguards at a time during a game. There are many options for bodyguards. They will go with you at your own pace to make sure there is no harm.

The enhanced native trainer, just like the OpenIV mods for FiveM Roleplay, is another script menu. Although it is not a bodyguard mod, it allows you to add characters and make them follow your commands so that they can be bodyguards. You can also use the random character-spawning bodyguards to protect your body thanks to many other features of the enhanced native trainer.

PC Trainer V

The PC trainer V is the most stable. It provides many bodyguards, or body shields, without the game ever crashing. Other trainers don’t limit the number of bodyguards that you can create, which could cause your computer to crash if it doesn’t have enough processing power. If you need the mod to stop the game from crashing, the PC trainer V is the best option.

Chick Magnet

Do you remember the cheat ‘Fannymagnet” from GTA Vice City’? This mod was inspired by that classic cheat from GTA Vice City. You will be followed by all the San Andreas hotties like a commercial for deodorant when you apply this mod. They will not only follow you but will also tear apart any attempt to harm you. Get a chick army by downloading this mod!

Personal Army

The army is a great option. Why not have the actual in-game army serve as your bodyguards? The personal army mod does exactly as it says: It gives you an army to protect you from the police or anyone else.

You think modders are done with GTA 5? Then you see things like these that will make you reconsider your assumptions. With the president mod, you can be the president of all the world! The president of the world requires bodyguards, and you will provide them. Although the president is not immune to all levels of violence, it’s nice to have some suits following you around to make sure that no one sits on your back.

Invincible Bodyguards

All previous mods had bodyguards that could be easily shot. The invincible Bodyguards mod doesn’t spam your bodyguards in God mode. Your bodyguards have rail guns that make it impossible for anyone to touch you. This mod can be installed in just 3 seconds.


Groove Street OGs would be a better choice than random pedestrians or army bodyguards if you are an old-school GTA player. Los Santos has many gangs that you can join with the gang mod. The members of a gang will support you through all the rough times. They will be there to help you in your troubles.


There are many GTA 5 mods. I tried my best to include as many bodyguard mods and as many as possible in this post. However, there are many other amazing mods that are just as impressive as the ones I have listed. I hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know in the comments if there are any other bodyguard mods that I have missed.