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Cheshvan/Kislev 5775
What would you sacrifice for the
American dream?
What would you sacrifice for the American Dream?
For tickets:
Film Premiere
Art by Noah Scalin/Another Limited Rebellion
This program is financially supported in part by the Genesis Fund
of Richmond Jewish Foundation.
ewish Family Services and the Uni-
versity of Richmond Hillel invite the
community to join JFS in celebration of
“Draw Back the Curtain,” a three-year
documentary project, which shares the
journey of families moving from the For-
mer Soviet Union to Richmond, and the
story of our Jewish community in their
On Nov. 10 at 7 p.m., there will be a
film screening, reception and live music at
the Modlin Center of the Arts, University
of Richmond. The community is invited.
Throughout the 1980s, the Richmond
Jewish community participated in the Op-
eration Exodus campaign to aid Soviet
Jews in emigrating.
Throughout the next decade, JFS would
serve as the resettlement agency with a
network of volunteers across the entire
community helping 800 refugees make
Richmond their new home.
A quarter century later, how had life
changed for the resettled families? In 2011,
JFS and UR Hillel partnered to document
this important part of our history. With the
financial support of the Genesis Fund of
Richmond Jewish Foundation, corporate
donors Woody Funeral Home and BB&T,
individual donors, and more than 8,500
volunteer hours, “Draw Back the Curtain”
came together.
The feature-length film is a student-
driven project, relying on University
of Richmond independent studies and
community-based learning courses for
research, videography, interviewing, and
editing. The University Museum Depart-
ment opened the student curated exhibi-
tion, “The American Dream, Right?” last
winter, and the collaboration continues
with the premiere at the Modlin Center
this month.
Final touches on the filmwere completed
in September with the narration recorded
by NBC12’s meteorologist, AndrewFreiden.
Beth Ahabah Museum and Archives has
been involved since the inception, and will
open its doors to a new exhibition on Nov.
17, “The Other Side of the Curtain.” In
partnership with theWeinstein JCC, “Draw
Back the Curtain” will be part of Jewish
American Heritage Month in May 2015.
Twenty five years later, “Draw Back the
Curtain” has provided the community anoth-
er opportunity to work together to preserve
an important part of our Richmond history.
The project has rekindled the relationships
formed during resettlement and highlighted
the value of volunteerism in our community.
Join the community in this celebration.
Registration is required to attend on
Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. Reserve free tickets on
by calling
Shir Bodner at (804) 282-5644 ext. 265.
Jewish Family Services is supported,
in part, by a generous contribution from
the Jewish Community Federation of
The theme, “Unto Every Person There
is a Name,” will focus on the identities
and stories of those memorialized at
Emek Sholom who perished during the
Featured speakers will include Ben
Kutner, Inge Horowitz, Alex Keisch, Elise
Scherr and Rina Manelis, and the student
recipient of the 2014 Never Again Award.
The service will be led by Rabbi Can-
tor Annie Bornstein, assisted by Cantor
Erol Helfman. As always, we will include
a candle lighting ceremony to memorialize
the 460 victims of the Holocaust whose
names are written on the wall at Emek
Sholom. The community and public are
invited to attend this important and touch-
ing event.
For further information, please visit
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A view of the Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial following last year’s memorial service. This year’s
memorial service will be held Nov. 9 at 2 p.m.
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