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Volume 12, Number 9


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ThePositive Press


The Positive Press




His patients call him a “miracle-worker.”


When 85 year old “Jack” first came to see Dr. Ben-

nett he had spinal stenosis and was wheelchair bound.

After two weeks, he was walking with a cane. After six

weeks he was walking without assistance. “Laurie,” a

much younger patient, came to see Dr. Bennett suffer-

ing with scoliosis. After treatment, which included ma-

nipulating her pelvis she left with a 0 degree curvature.

Not really miracles. Just the work of a doctor who

knows what he’s doing and truly cares that you feel bet-

ter as fast as possible.

“We see a variety of patients from as young as 2

months to 103. The most common problem we treat is

lower back pain.” Sometimes back pain is associated

with nerve problems such as radiculopathy or sciatica

which is radiation of pain or tingling into the area sup-

plied by the nerves. The second most common problem

would be neck related. Headaches or arm symptoms

can be associated with a neck condition. With both the

neck and lower back the diagnosis may involve spasm,

sprain and strain, misalignment, arthritis, disc or

nerve damage. Dr. George has had good success with

all of these conditions.

While people are generally most interested in a

"quick fix" when they have a new injury, some people

notice improved mobility and enhanced energy associ-

ated with relieving the nerve irritation. These people

generally want to continue with an ongoing program so

they can improve their quality of life. If you are looking

for a sense of health and wellbeing, this is part of what

is necessary to achieve it. Of course they also recognize

that many people are only interested in getting rid of

the pain and that is ok too. “We are here to help, what-

ever your short or long term objectives are. I just like

to let people know that these services are available if

they want them.”

Paul Schopp from Riverton has been a patient for

over 25 years. “I originally contacted Dr. Bennett for

severe lower back pain. It was about 7pm and no one

was willing to see me that late. I called Dr. Bennett’s

office and he offered to call when he got home from vol-

unteering at the CONTACT

hotline. That was 11:30 at

night – who else would do

that? He did such a wonderful

job for me that I’ve been going

to him ever since.”

In 2001 Dianne Polk from

Willingboro came crawling on

the floor because her back was so bad. “I saw an ad for

gentle pain treatment. I called him and have been there

ever since. I went to him and in the first week, after

three treatments, I had relief.”

Dr. Bennett explained, “We

can’t always get disabled pa-

tients walking again, but it does

happen. But yes, there have

been many people that have just

about crawled into our office and

become pain-free in just a couple

of weeks. Recovery time varies

a lot, however, depending on

age, condition and the extent of

the injury.”

“Now I go once a month for

maintenance just to keep it in

alignment,” Dianne clarified.

“But there have been times

when I’ll wake up and my shoul-

der is hurting. Dr. Bennett ma-

nipulates my shoulder and

almost instantly I get relief.”

Dr. Bennett didn’t need to be sold on the concept of

chiropractic as a career. “I saw how my father benefit-

ted from chiropractic care. “My dad went to a chiro-

practor throughout my whole childhood for low back

pain. He worked in construction and really suffered

from soreness in his back. He would go get his back

straightened out and always experienced great relief

from the treatments.”

Ruth Yearly from Riverton can certainly attest to

that. Ruth has been running trips to raise funds for the

Fire Company for the last 35 years. She credits Dr.

George with keeping her back in great running order

for the last 15 years. “He’s a very sensitive, sincere per-

son. I’ve had very good results with my back with him.”

Ruth recently had a bad fall and hasn’t been able to see

Dr. George for a little while. “I want to get back to him

– he’s the best doctor for my back. Over the years I’ve

sent a lot of people to him.”

Dr. Bennett opened his practice immediately after

graduation from New York Chiropractic College in

1984. Bennett Family Chiro-

practic opened their doors in

Cinnaminson in 1985. As the

practice grew they expanded the

building, adding an office and

two new therapy rooms. But not

another Chiropractor. “I like to

have control over the treatment

my patients are getting. The only way I can be assured

they are getting the best possible care is for me to be

doing it myself,” he explained.

Jane Schopp started seeing Dr.

Bennett after seeing what he did

for her son Paul. “I needed a doctor

at that time and I just fell in love

with him, really and truly, because

he’s so gentle, he’s kind and he just

does anything he can to help. I

have Scoliosis. When I went to see

him he took an x-ray and saw it

was starting to materialize and

cause me to bend over. With his

help and his care I’m fine; I’m very

mobile. And that’s with Dr. Ben-

nett’s help and the help of the Lord,

of course. I would put him up

against any chiropractor I know

and he would come out the best.”

Though chiropractic is an age-

old science, art and philosophy dat-

ing back to the late 1800s, there

have been many new advances over the years, much as

in medicine. Chiropractic can provide something for

everyone. Bennett Family Chiropractic strives to pro-

vide a full range of therapies and treatments, so in

other words we can effectively treat most conditions in-

volving the joints, discs nerves and muscles. The office

provides personal customized care in a relaxed environ-

ment and offers state-of-the-art treatment in an old

fashioned home-town environment.” And now after 30

years, the practice can boast some of the most advanced

equipment in chiropractic today, enabling the practice

to offer:

• Ultrasound therapy

• Interferential therapy

• Laser therapy

• Mechanical and manual adjusting techniques

• A host of electrical muscle and nerve therapies in-

cluding Russian stimulation

• Low volt and high volt muscle stimulation

• For Hydrotherapy – a water table with water jets.

• Decompression therapy - a computerized traction

table for neck and back traction

• Inter segmental table – traction table with rollers

that go up and down the spine that is good for ver-

tebrae and spine and disc injuries. And it can be

done with traction at the same time.

The equipment allows us to provide different ap-

proaches for caring. “We vary our treatments and will

“He is gentle, very gentle,” added Paul

Schopp “and certainly takes the Hippocratic

Oath seriously where it says ‘

First, do no harm

because he does no harm, or hurting, but

sure does do a lot of helping.”

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