On Tap 11.17

ON TAP | NOVEMBER 2017 | www.ontaponline.com 26 On Tap: How did the farm come to be in your family? Laura McCarthy Louden: My father wanted to take his writing into the classroom and teach in the countryside. He started spending a lot of weekends driving out here, and was able to make contact with the farmer. Together, they made a handshake deal on the steps of the old farmhouse – 90 acres for $100 an acre. OT: At what point did you and Je become the owners? LML: My mom held onto the farm for 40- plus years [following Laura’s father’s death]. He bought it in August of 1959, and we moved in in September of 2009. For us, it turned into, “Alright, what do we to do to get started?”We just got it into motion. A Day in the Life Cobbler Mountain’s LAURA MCCARTHY LOUDEN Photos: Joel Goldberg By Joel Goldberg obbler Mountain Cellars has a history that’s more than a half-century old, and it has been preserved largely thanks to its current owners, Je and Laura McCarthy Louden. The winery-cidery resides at the foot of a small mountain, quietly hidden from nearby Interstate-66 in Delaplane, Virginia. There, Laura works alongside her husband to produce a medley of ciders – such as the seasonable harvest pumpkin – all while managing a house bustling with her children and their cousins. With Cider Week VA quickly approaching on November 10-19, we decided to catch up with Louden about Cobbler Mountain. She shared some tricks that helped the couple grow their business and described her approach as DIY, which she evinced by battling through her interview with a broken tooth. With a wholesome country drawl and in the company of her dog, Corky – who spent the entire interview snooping around the picnic table – Laura provided a glimpse into her life, and her experiences in the wine and cidery businesses.