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One Step Away




Richard Ramson





Brittany Lindsay

Community Engagement

One Step Away

is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to improve their lives.

It’s taught me responsibility. It’s taught me diligence. Without

One Step Away

who knows where I would be. I am who I am right now because of the support

from those people who have a heart, who care about their fellow human beings.

I see myself giving back and providing resources for those who come from

environments that I’m from. You know, raised in the projects, poverty stricken

areas. It’s taught me humility and to have gratitude and to be thankful for who

I am. As far as being someone who’s been through a lot of traumatic situations

—my parents not being there when I was younger and coming up in the system

through DHS — because I’ve been one to come out of that situation and have

come to a healing process, my job is to serve the people. No matter what you’re

going through, you always have a chance to stand up. You always have a chance

to shine. You always have a chance to have a better life. It’s a great opportunity

to lift yourself up. It’s all about having dignity and integrity and empowering

yourself. It builds character.

Because of you, I have housing and a job. I couldn’t panhandle, but it’s hard to get a

job when you’re homeless.

One Step Away

gave me a job, and a lot of structure and

routine. I carried that over into the meetings we needed to go to and everything

else. That’s how we were able to get off of the street. I feel like I can do just about

anything now. I have terribly anxiety, I used to not be able to go anywhere, but


Step Away

made me face that. If I can come out here with all these people and try

and sell a paper, and actually make it work, then I can do just about anything.

The most success I’ve had is when I found my one little spot that I go to everyday,

I’ve gotten to know the people and what they admire is that I’m there every single

day no matter what. That type of consistency has been my success. A woman

actually came up and offered me a job since she saw me everyday.

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