Local Luxuries EBook June 2018 Edition

Did you take a few minutes to peek at the recent royal wedding? While it was truly a lovely event, perhaps the most miraculous happening was the bright blue sky above and the warming sunshine. The lack of chilling breezes or puddles made it a perfect day to don fascinators (little perky hats) and show off designer finery. I watched my DVR playback here, as the rain streamed over my windows on an unseasonably cold, damp day. Elsewhere in the world there were earthquakes, lava spewing and flooding from rains, but in England, Mother Nature was kind that day. Maybe you’re attending a special event this season that will be held outdoors this season. A wedding or graduation, or perhaps a family reunion picnic? There’s nothing lovelier than a milestone celebrated in mild weather in beauti- ful surroundings. I give a lot of credit to those who plan affairs in “plein” air. These are the true optimists – even if they do cover their bases in their plans by including a tent or other back-up venue. I haven’t always been as lucky as the royals. My family attended one child’s graduation in a high school auditorium that lacked air-conditioning. Not a joy in late June, but the dark clouds over the football field (original venue) made the choice understandable. A few of the happy and proud relatives of the graduates were overcome by the heat but recovered quickly. At a nursery school moving- up ceremony, seated on folding chairs on a lawn flanked by flowering trees, we actually lucked out with a mellow weather day. Pollen was a very minor inconvenience. Of the ceremonial graduations we attended, the easiest to en- dure however, was held at Radio City Music Hall. The comfortable seats made it easy for the featured speaker to snooze in full view before he addressed the graduating class. Fortunately, our pride in the achievement of our graduates always overcomes any weather-related or other small concerns. Choosing appropriate shoes can be a dilemma for most women attending out- door events. I was thrilled to be invited once to an event at Oheka Castle on the North Shore. In those younger days a party dress was automatically worn with heels. Who knew about a cocktail hour on the lawn? At one point I stood like a crane with a stockinged foot in the air while my husband extracted my shoe from the earth. Damp grass is also an enemy; the dewy grass attacked my “dyed to order” satin heels, both staining and shrinking them, and damp, tight shoes are no fun. I envy the girls who shed their shoes to dance in colorful socks, but that wouldn’t have been a choice at the only castle I’d ever been invited to. The recently carefully coiffed wedding guests at Windsor were also saved from the ravages of wind and humidity. Hair can take on a life of its own. I’ve seen some wild male hair (especially the dreaded comb-over) in pictures taken outdoors. Luckily when wind or rain interferes, it affects almost all the guests equally. My advice? Don’t bother worrying about how you’ll look in the pictures in 25 years; enjoy the party. My husband and I have attended some amazing outdoor weddings. We’ve frozen as a bride and groom took their vows at a waterfront location, and we’ve baked in sunny gardens. We’ve watched a particularly warm groom perspiring so much, his ushers had to pat him down with paper towels lest he dampen the bride’s gown. During a lovely twilight ceremony, the setting sun’s rays turned the bride’s dress into a risqué see-through look. Another very impressive cer- emony was accompanied by a trio of musicians. A stray gusty breeze blew the music off the stands. It also delivered a cloud of gnats, some of which even became trapped in the bride’s veil. Double disaster! In spite of all these circum- stances, we’ve loved each experience. I have no plans for a large outdoor event, but who can resist the occasion to grill? Grilling outdoors is a joy of the season, and a relaxing afternoon with burgers or chicken and Sangria should be easy on the nerves. When my spouse and I invite folks to chill and grill, the weather always seems to turn tricky and tough decisions need to be made. These are also the times when the trusty grill plays tricks and the chicken that should be ready to serve is pale and pink. Yellow jackets enjoy sipping a little and visiting the food. Cicadas and mosquitoes sometimes join our party. We’ve been driven indoors on many oc- casions, but the strangest was many years ago when we hosted our neighbors on a late summer evening. The drink of choice was beer and a lot it was served. An initial cry of horror alerted us to an army of slugs, many more than I could imagine, crawling towards our drinks and invading the patio. Mother Nature wants us to love her but not take her for granted. If there’s a lot of money riding on it, you have to gamble. After all, you can have bad chicken or broken heating or cooling anywhere. Let’s enjoy the occasions that this sea- son brings and celebrate them any place and any time we can. Warmly, Barbara K Barbarak@localluxuries.net Living ‘Off Peak’ Really Isn’t The Great Outdoors — By Barbara “K.” What’s Inside This Edition... All artwork, design and layout provided by Local Luxuries remains the sole property of the publisher and may not be reproduced in whole or part. The publisher will not be responsible for errors in advertising beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error, and is limited only to the first month of advertising in the case of repeated use. The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any advertising at his sole discretion. Position requests Local Luxuries, Inc. 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