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here are many good conser-

vatives who are Never-

Trumpers, and there are

many good conservatives who will

vote for Donald Trump. Eight

months ago, I warned that conserva-

tives must resist gratuitous hatred or

they will destroy themselves more

effectively than the left ever could

on its own.

I used the term “gratuitous

hatred” because it is the term Jews

and Judaism use to describe the rea-

son for one of the greatest calami-

ties of Jewish history: the destruc-

tion of the Second Temple and the

second Jewish state. It wasn’t the

Romans whom Jewish tradition

blames; it was the Jews themselves

— for hating one another for no

good reason.

When I read

The Boston Globe

column “How the Religious Right

Embraced Donald Trump and Lost

Its Moral Authority” by Jeff Jacoby,

a man whose work I have long

respected, gratuitous hatred came to

mind. Just as there are pro-Trump

people who have expressed con-

tempt for anti-Trump people since

the very beginning — as an early

anti-Trumper I can personally attest

to this (even though I wrote repeat-

edly that if Trump wins the nomina-

tion, I would vote for him) — some

Never-Trump people now dismiss

the decency and moral credibility of

conservatives voting for Trump.


n light of this, I would like to

respond to Jacoby and the editori-

al against Trump that was published

last week in the important evangeli-

cal journal


Jacoby’s piece consisted of con-

tained attacks on the moral credibili-

ty and decency of pro-Trump Chris-

tians. He said: “Religious conserva-

tives shed their principles, and there-

by dismantled their influence. …

Buried under the post-election

wreckage will be the moral credi-

bility of the religious right. …

[Their] hypocrisy … is orders of

magnitude worse than the customary

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An Offensive Resolution

UNESCO vote erases Jewish connection to Jerusalem sites

Christians for Trump

If God shouldn’t be ashamed for supporting King David,

Christians shouldn’t be ashamed for supporting Donald Trump…

In defense of their moral right to vote for the candidate

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alestinians are celebrating the

latest vote by UNESCO —

the United Nations Educa-

tional, Scientific, and Cultural Or-

ganization — to treat Jerusalem’s

Temple Mount and the Western Wall

as solely Muslim holy sites. Though

support for their efforts to deny

Jewish history is declining, for both

the Palestinian Authority and Hamas,

the votes are a key element of their

ongoing diplomatic campaign to iso-

late and delegitimize the Jewish state.

But though both they and Prime Min-

ister Netanyahu’s left-wing critics are

quick to seize on this as proof they

are winning, the pyrrhic nature of this

victory is becoming more obvious

with each passing day.

That’s not just because shortly

after the UNESCO board approved

the offensive resolution, the organi-

zation’s director-general issued a

statement rejecting its premise and

condemning it as unhelpful to the

cause of peace. Nor is that evalua-

tion solely due to the fact that Mexi-

co announced that it disavowed its

vote for the measure or the subse-

quent news that Brazil also said it

would not back similar resolutions

in the future. That more and more

nations are refusing to go along

with the usual Third World demo-

nization of Israel is the result of the

Netanyahu government’s diplo-

matic breakthroughs. It is, though,

also the product of a realization of

what the Palestinians are doing, and

that ought to be the main takeaway

from this episode.

Let’s agree that the votes are an

awful spectacle. That any interna-

tional group, even an agency of a

United Nations that has become im-

mersed in a culture of anti-Semitism

and hate for Israel, would deny that

the site of the biblical temple of

ancient Israel has anything to do

with Judaism and the Jews is shock-

ing. That’s especially true when the

evidence of the existence of the

Second Temple is staring right at the

world in the form of the Western

Wall and the network of ruins that

run along the Temple Mount plateau,

where mosques were planted to

assert Islamic pre-eminence during

the period of Muslim conquest.

Arguments about a possible re-

partition of Jerusalem reversing its

unification and restoring a division

that existed between 1949 and 1967

when illegal Jordanian occupiers

barred Jews from their holy sites-

are normative in the international

community. What the Palestinians

That even an agency of a UN immersed in a culture of anti-Semitism

and hate for Israel would deny that the site of the biblical temple of ancient

Israel has anything to do with Judaism and the Jews is shocking.

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Friday, October 28

Candles 5:38 p.m.

Shabbat ends 6:42 p.m.

Friday, November 4

Candles 5:30 p.m.

Shabbat ends 6:34 p.m.

The UNESCO resolution’s claim that the Western Wall and the Temple Mount are

Muslim — and only Muslim — holy sites will come as a huge surprise to Jews who

pray there even as their ancestors did 2,000 years ago.

Christians should not be ashamed for supporting Donald Trump.