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Around Our Town



Tisdale teachers & staff shine brightly during

Ramsey Relay for Life




has, in some capacity, always

participated in Relay for Life—

the American Cancer Society’s

annual community fundraising walk.

Some years, it was by raising money

for staff in other schools, or by

designing luminaries for the event.

This year, however, Tisdale staff

decided to form their own team for

the June 5-6 event, which took place

at Ramsey High School. And, they

didn’t have to look too far for

inspiration. Dr. Susan Morton was

the principal of Tisdale for 17 years

until she passed away from cancer in

2012. Her memory still clearly

echoes with the teachers and staff

and, in fact, inspires them.

Teachers Kathy Booth, Patricia

Ebeling and Patty Zachmann stepped

up to serve as team captains of

Team Tisdale. Soon, the squad grew

to 29 members, and there was a

groundswell of excitement. It was

school secretary Pat Schwarz’s idea

to name the team “Tisdale Starry

Knights,” honoring Dr. Morton by

paying homage to her favorite

painting—Vincent Van Gogh’s


Starry Night

. “Tisdale Starry Knights

pledged to walk with Dr. Morton’s

passion for education and her love for

life in our hearts,” says Kathy Booth.

The anticipation and awareness

grew throughout the school with

students quickly getting involved in

many ways. Led by physical

education and health teacher Jeremy

Maritt, the students walked laps

around the school to raise money

during gym class in their own

version of Relay for Life. The team

made posters with written

testaments of their own personal

reasons for walking.

“March marked the 4th anniversary

of my mother’s death from this

dreaded disease,” says Kathy. “It

really touched my heart when I

reached out to people with my

mom’s story, and they didn’t

hesitate. I’m completely humbled by

the support we received from the

Tisdale families.”

Ramsey Relay for Life was a

tremendous success, boasting over

700 total participants and raising

more than $184,000. The Tisdale

Starry Knights themselves raised

over $15,000. They were also

presented with a plaque as the

winners of the 1st Annual Team

Spirit Award, recognizing their

outstanding fundraising efforts.

Says Kathy: “Participating in

Ramsey Relay for Life reinforced

Tisdale’s motto: ‘We are all a family

under one sky’.”



By Lauren DePaul Schreiber